Cute And Easy Crocheted Cosies

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Cute And Easy Crocheted Cosies


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35 simply stylish projects to make and give. Crochet a cosy for your phone, teapot, laptop, favourite books, passport and more. Cover your precious items with these cute and colourful crochet designs, which include a wide range of crochet stitches and effects. Comprehensive technique section explaining stitches with clear artworks and instructions

35 Simply Stylish Projects To Make And Give. Crochet A Cosy For Your Phone, Teapot, Laptop, Favourite Books, Passport And More. Cover Your Precious Items With These Cute And Colourful Crochet Designs, Which Include A Wide Range Of Crochet Stitches And Effects. Comprehensive Technique Section Explaining Stitches With Clear Artworks And Instructions

  • Author: Nicki Trench