3 Ply Yarn

3 ply yarn is one of the most enjoyable weights to knit with as it’s fine and lightweight. It’s also known as fingering yarn because it’s so easy to use. This weight is immensely popular for crafting socks, delicate gloves and baby garments. Whether you’re making a gift for someone or embarking on a personal project, 3 ply yarn provides lots of possibilities. 

Typically a thinner needle is recommended for finer yarns. We usually suggest 2-3.5mm needles for projects using smaller patterns, but larger needles can be used to achieve open knit effects. Always remember to check the suggestions for your particular project. 

We only use quality yarn fibers at Laughing Hens and we offer various combinations including alpaca, merino and nylon. Browse our collection and pick a color to fit your tastes.

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Items 1 to 12 of 52 total

Uses for 3 ply yarn  

3 ply yarn is perfect for all abilities, so you’ll never be short of ideas. We don’t like idle thumbs at Laughing Hens, which is why we offer resources like free knitting patterns to help knitters regardless of their experience level. 

We stock a multitude of popular knitting books as well as knitting starter kits to put people on the right track. Also see our 3 ply wool.