4 Ply Yarn

4 ply yarn gives a super soft closer stitch, perfect for stylish scarves and baby garments. This lighter weight yarn, also known as sport weight yarn, is a popular choice for socks when combined with Nylon. Normally 4 ply would work well with a 3.5mm needle but make sure you check the instructions on the pattern or yarn. 

We have an amazing range of yarns and wools, including cashmere, cotton, merino, mohair, alpaca and angora. We are careful to select the finest premium natural fibres from all of your favourite brand names. Just click through on a product below to see the colours available as well as needles, patterns and accessories to match.

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Items 1 to 24 of 86 total

What is sport weight yarn or 4 ply yarn? 

Sport weight or 4 ply yarn is superfine, and with an addition of Nylon to the mix, can also be known as sock yarn. However, its softness means it’s also great for gifts for babies, and its intricacy lends it to more complex colour details. 

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