Adriafil Yarn

Produced in Italy, Adriafil yarn is available in several quality fibres such as wool, cotton and merino. We have plenty of their yarns for you to choose from, including the Knitcol, Regina and Stella Alpina ranges. You can also see our Adriafil wool.

We don’t just supply an eclectic variety of yarns; we also have a collection of Adriafil knitting patterns for you to indulge in. There’s a pattern to suit every ability and taste, and there are stylish designs for women, men, children and babies.

Browse our range of yarns from Adriafil and choose the perfect one for your project.

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Adriafil yarn for a range of garments

Since 1911, Adriafil yarn has been making plenty of knitters happy because of its high quality and variety of sumptuous shades. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of this brand, which is definitely a value that we share with them!

Make designs to suit any occasion or season with Adriafil.

You can use their own patterns to create modern, fashionable jumpers, scarfs, shawls, blankets and much more. You don’t have to follow their designs; you can create your own patterns and experiment with warm autumnal looks, cosy garments for winter, or smart clothes for dressy occasions.

So why not create wonderfully woolly hats, cosy cardigans or some snuggly socks with Adriafil yarn?