Alpaca Yarn

Of all the luxury fibers, alpaca yarn is known for its strength, versatility and lovely smooth texture. As it is less scaly than wool alternatives, it is possible to wear alpaca close to skin without itchiness. Moreover this yarn is perfect for knitting items for those with wool allergies as it does not contain lanolin, the chief cause.

There are different types of alpaca yarn or wool to choose from and these are measured in terms of their softness. Baby alpaca is the finest and softest classification, followed by superfine, and Suri. Each alpaca fiber is hollow, meaning it is very lightweight and ideal for making clothing, including jumpers, scarfs and socks. It can be blended with wool fibers to aid elasticity and make it easier to work with. Just choose your fiber from the range of brands, weights and colors available and we’ll already have the patterns and needle options available for you. 

Alpacas have strong ties to Peru where around 75% of the population currently resides. Part of the camelid family, which includes camels, llamas, guanacos and vicunas, they have long been bred for their strong and soft coat. In Incan culture, possession of alpaca textiles indicated wealth. So bestow a friend with some wealth by knitting them a cozy scarf, hat or gloves. 

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Items 13 to 24 of 35 total

Advantages of Alpaca yarn 

  • Due to a unique hollow structure, the fiber is three times as warm as sheep’s wool yet much more lightweight
  • Judged by some to be the strongest mammal fiber, it is certainly durable
  • Among its many properties, it is virtually water repellent, reducing odor and sweat and it is more fire repellent than other natural and synthetic alternatives. 

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