Michell & Co

With more than 85 years experience and know-how in the processing of Alpaca and Vicuna fibre, Michell & Co. is today a pioneer and the leading Alpaca and Vicuna tops and yarns producer and exporter in the world. Frank W. Michell founded Michell & Co. in 1931, dedicated to the purchase, classification and commercialisation of Alpaca and wool. Totally identified with Alpaca, his intention was to bring the qualities of this singular Andean product to the attention of the rest of the world.

Caring for our collaborators as well as suppliers and community that we interact is very important for the Michell Group. We are involved in social and cultural projects that enrich our society. We employ fair trade principles with our collaborators and suppliers, and we adhere to the Peruvian regulations concerning taxes, labour and environmental obligations.

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Sol Alpaca represents an exclusive brand of Mitchell & Co. The company, Michell & Co only use hand labour as far as possible in the first part of the manufacturing process. Once the Vicuna fibre is harvested, the fibre is hand sorted to remove the coarse guard hairs which grow amongst the soft fur. After being washed in lukewarm water, it is dried naturally without forced ventilation systems. The methods used in the first part of the production are delicate and extremely ancient techniques, passed down for thousands of years from generation to generation. In contrast, after this, the fibre is processed using the most sophisticated technology in the textile industry.