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Knitting Needle Sets

Knitting needle kits for interchangeable sets, DPN (double pointed needle), and circulars, as well as crochet hook sets for the keen knitter or crocheter.

Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Storage

Storage boxes and cases for your knitting needles and crochet hooks. Solutions for single pointed needles, circular needles, hooks and interchangeable sets.

Metal knitting needles

Metal knitting needles; strong, slippery needles stocked by Laughing Hens with fast delivery and friendly service.

Crochet Hooks

A wide variety of Crochet Hooks and crochet hook sets from a number of quality brands are available now in a range of sizes addi, Brittany, Pony crochet hooks.

The new way to knit in the round

If your hands hurt while knitting, the new Addi Novel knitting needles are the perfect medicine!


See our range of Brittany knitting needles, which includes various sizes to suit different projects. We offer friendly service and speedy delivery.

Festive Gifts

Are you shopping for knitters and crocheters this Christmas? Or do you want to knit or crochet a Christmas gift for someone special? We've got you covered!

Knitting Needles

Buy knitting needles online. Choice of type, size and material from top brands. Needle sets & gifts, Free delivery. No hassle returns.

Privacy policy

At Laughing Hens we take your privacy and security very seriously. We will not disclose any of your information to third parties.

Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart

Knitting Needles Size Conversion Chart for Metric, US and UK sizes. Find Knitting needle sets here.

Wool Winders

An essential fibre craft tool for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and hand-dyers. Quickly and effortlessly wind knitting yarn into a neat and tidy ball.

Downloading PDF Patterns

Downloading PDF Patterns

LYKKE Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

Stunning sets of beautifully hand-crafted Birch wood knitting needles & crochet hooks by LYKKE. Strong, smooth, light - a pleasure to use! See our great prices.

5 Colourwork tips every beginner needs to know

If you're a beginner, looking to learn how to knit colourwork, these 5 tips and tricks with video tutorials will help you understand the techniques.

Where does Merino Wool come from?

Have you ever wondered what sets merino wool apart from Bluefaced Leicester, or Jacob, or virgin wool? We're here to help!

Purple Wool

Purple wool is elegant, sophisticated and stylish, making it suitable for an endless array of projects. Choose from our huge collection.

The Story of Laughing Hens

Have you ever wondered how the name for the knitting shop came about? The story of Laughing Hens begins with Nicki Trench and her knitting group.

Cushion Knitting Patterns

We have a stylish collection of cushion knitting patterns and crochet designs. Browse patterns from popular brands and independent designers.

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Bamboo knitting needles; flexible and light, stocked by Laughing Hens, dispatched with fast delivery and friendly service. Top brands, all styles and sizes.

Single Pointed Knitting Needles

A wide range of knitting needles from a number of quality brands are available in a range of sizes, fast delivery and friendly service.

Christmas Countdown: when should I start my holiday gift list?

Helpful Christmas crafting calendar to help you plan out your projects and eliminate stress from the dreaded "craft crunch."

Take the frog or finish challenge

Unfinished projects piling up? Take the frog or finish challenge and get your stash under control!

One ball challenge: free mug cosy crochet pattern

This one-ball crochet pattern is a free mug cosy with button designs: raid those button boxes!

Learn how to cable in 6 minutes

If you want to learn how to cable knit but never find the time, this lightspeed tutorial covers all the basics to get you on the road to success.

Best free Easter knitting patterns

Free Easter knitting patterns, from stuffed toy rabbits to kid's sweaters and Easter baskets.

Free last minute Easter knitting and crochet patterns

Free knitting and crochet patterns for last minute Easter crafting: patterns for beginners, kids, and more!

Knitting at the Olympics? You bet!

Coaches knitting at the olympics is nothing new - or is it? Read on to see which teams have knitting coaches.

Striving To Be Green

See how Laughing Hens is Striving To Be Green, reducing its carbon footprint by adopting more environmentally sustainable practices.

Stories From Friends: Anchor Projects

You know what i mean right…I'm talking about those projects that you’ve had on the needles forever!

Baking and knitting: the curious creative relationship

David Barton talks about the curious relationship between baking and knitting, and how everything ties together with a pinch of patience.

Free back to school knitting and crochet patterns

7 free knitting and crochet patterns to send your little ones back to school - what could be better?

One Ball Challenge:

This One Ball Challenge features one ball of Rowan Cashmere to make a super simple pair of fingerless gloves. Free knitting pattern at the link!

How to regain your crafting mojo

Lost enthusiasm for crafting? These tips will get you back on the road to hooks, needles, yarn, and inspiration.

One ball challenge: free lace scarf knitting pattern

Free one skein lace scarf knitting pattern by Ashlee Lackovic for summer: a perfect pattern for beginners!

Free Knitting Patterns for Summer

Looking for some great free knitting patterns for summer and warmer weather? Here are our favourites!

Last minute free knitting and crochet patterns

Need some last minute Christmas crafting? These free last minute knitting and crochet patterns are a surefire hit this season.

Knitting and mental health - the truth about crafting

Knitting and crochet can be beneficial to mental and physical health, as show in numerous peer-reviewed studies.