Back to School: tips and techniques for knitters


Kids are back in school, so why not take yourself back to school and learn some new tips and techniques? Whether you're a beginner knitter or an experienced crafter, you can learn loads or refresh your memory!

Knitting tips, tricks, and techniques

Did you know that we have a growing library of tutorials, videos, and tips here on the blog and on our YouTube channel? We try to create tutorials and tips that you ask about the most! 

Learn to knit in 4 steps

This post is a great refresher course for lapsed knitters to get back into the swing of things, or as a guide for brand new knitters. This post features four videos that cover all the basics in videos just like this one, the first in the series. 

5 Colourwork tips for knitters

Want to get started with Fair Isle stranded knitting, or jump into intarsia? These tips are for you! With simple tips and video tutorials from some of our favorite YouTubers, it's a great place to start learning colourwork techniques. 

Back to Knitting School: learn colourwork

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Learn the difference between moss and seed stitch

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between moss and seed stitch? Our video tutorial has you covered! Check out the full post for more explanation and free moss and seed stitch patterns!

How to knit a jumper: the quickstart guide

Ready to knit your first sweater or jumper? Our quickstart guide talks patterns, needles, and yarn selection and how to get started today with downloadable patterns. 

Back to knitting school: learn to knit a jumper

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Learn to cable in 6 minutes

Ready to give cable knitting a try? Our video is a great starter's guide! The full post also includes a photo tutorial for knitters who prefer that method of learning, as well as some helpful tips. 

Learn how to substitute yarn

Discontinued yarn for a pattern you love? Never fear! With our guide on substituting yarn, your favorite patterns will always be in style and easy to make! With guides on tension, fibers, and more, this is all you need to resurrect your most-loved patterns. 


Back to knitting school: learn to substitute yarn

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Free knitting tutorials for beginners and experienced knitters