Noro Yarn

Noro yarn is produced by the infamous Eisaku Noro and his brand is well known for its charismatic yarns and wools.

Noro is renowned the world over for its celebration of nature, distinctive self-striping patterns and earth-friendly ethos. 

Noro’s yarns are partially hand-spun to retain their exciting natural palettes and textures. The manufacturing processes have high quality control standards that make the most of nature’s beauty and preserve its unpredictability. 

Beware: Noro isn’t for people who want to blend in. It’s for misfits, oddballs and people who live to stand out from the crowd. Each garment knitted with Noro yarn has its own unique character embedded into it, and the delicate production process ensures the striking colours don’t fade easily.

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Items 22

Noro yarn for colourful projects 

Laughing Hens has a variety of Noro collections available, such as Silk Garden, Janome and Kibou. The irregular colours beautifully blend into one another, and the various thicknesses available means the yarn is suited to year-round projects. Try the Tokonatsu and Kibou ranges for making lighter jumpers and cardigans for summer, or some chunky Kogarashi for those richly coloured winter woollens. 

We have yarns bursting with colour as well as the more subtle combinations, and Noro yarn will inspire even those who don’t have a spark of creativity. Noro uses various blends of different fibres, including wool, silk and nylon to give you more possibilities for your work. 

Browse our selection of Noro yarn, wool and pattern books and entice your imagination. Also see our Noro wool