King Cole Yarn

King Cole wool is the pinnacle of tradition in natural fibers. For 80+ years, King Cole has supplied the highest quality crochet and hand knitting wool and yarns in the latest styles, colors and materials to hobby knitters worldwide. Of all our yarns, King Cole is a particular favorite. 

This family company, which is based in Skipton in the UK, is driven by strong traditional values and a dedication to the industry. it continues to innovate to provide both specialist and non-specialist knitting wool, available in hundreds of shades made from natural fibers including alpaca, mohair, cotton and 100% wool.

For pattern inspiration, click on one of their yarns and scroll down to view all the garments made in that particular yarn.

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Items 1 to 12 of 26 total

King Cole Knitting Wool

From the start, King Cole has been a family business, with a focus on traditional values and a devotion to the natural fiber industry. Established in 1935, it has more than eight decades’ experience in supplying fine quality knitting and crochet wool and yarn as well as patterns and designs

At Laughing Hens, we stock a wide variety of King Cole yarns and wools, available in hundreds of shades is various fibers and blendsl. We too are a family-run business and specialize in providing everything you need to knit and crochet wonderful designs. In providing a fast and friendly service, we ensure that we are THE online knitting and crochet shop.