King Cole Yarn

King Cole yarn is the fruit of over eight decades of tradition and dedication in manufacturing the best quality crochet and hand knitting wool and yarns. Here you’ll find the latest styles, colours and textures from King Cole in luxurious natural fibres, including Alpaca, Mohair, Cotton and 100% Wool. 

Of all our knitting wool, it is one of the most popular brands with hobby knitters the world over. Their extensive range includes both specialist and non-specialist knitting wool, available in hundreds of shades. They also have a fantastic range of patterns and pattern books for knitting and crochet to bring the wools and yarns to life.   With at least two choices per leaflet, the designs offer great value for money. Just click through one of the wools below to see the colour options, patterns and accessories that go with it.

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Items 19

King Cole Knitting Yarn 

King Cole has been a family business since 1935 and its strong sense of tradition shines through in their high quality natural fibres. Knitting yarn from King Cole is popular for its selection of wools and yarns in a variety of weights. They also support their collection of natural fibres with beautiful designs and patterns. 

We are also a family enterprise at Laughing Hens and pride ourselves on providing you with all of the ‘ingredients’ required to create any knitting and crochet project you wish. We have a wide selection of premium wools and yarns, along with the corresponding patterns, needles and accessories. You’ll find everything you need at our online knitting and crochet shop.