Black Yarn

Black never goes out of style, which is why black yarn can be used for many different projects all year round. Black is simple yet sophisticated and makes wonderful garments, accessories and toys. 

Black isn’t all doom and gloom; it’s the epitome of elegance. It’s great for knitting fashionable scarfs, hats, jumpers, cardigans and gloves. You can also create some adorable animal toys for children using black. 

We have a large collection from all your favorite brands, including sumptuous Sublime, luxury Noro and super-soft Rowan wools. You’ll find the weight and fiber you need, no matter what your desired project is.

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Items 1 to 12 of 113 total

Knitting with black yarn 

Even though the end result is beautiful, it can be a challenge to knit with black wool. While it’s quite handy for hiding mistakes and dropped stitches, it can be difficult to see the stitch definition because of the dark color. An easy solution is to use a white pillowcase or sheet behind your project so you can see the detail more clearly. Don’t underestimate the power of light; knitting with dark wool in a poorly lit area won’t do you any favors! 

The beauty of black is that it can be combined with lots of other colors, so you can include some variety into your projects to brighten them up. We have plenty of knitting patterns to give you inspiration. 

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