Malabrigo Yarn

Malabrigo yarns are produced by a family-owned company located in Uruguay and Peru. Malabrigo develops and produces hand-dyed yarns of incredible softness in wonderful color variations. Nature, landscapes, places, art, and day-to-day life inspire their products, which are made out of the softest fibers available.

The company produces yarn because they are passionate about it - they believe in the pleasure of knitting with high-quality, carefully designed, subtly dyed yarns, and in the joy of wearing what is created with them. Most of Malabrigo’s yarns are made with 100% Uruguayan Merino wool.

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Items 8

Mulesing-free sheep

Malabrigo yarn is 100% produced by Uruguayan farms that allow their sheep to range free through the hills and are herded by old-style shepherds. The controversial practice of mulesing does not exist in Uruguay. The entire Uruguayan wool industry is committed to achieving the highest standards of sheep husbandry. In Uruguay, the sheep graze mainly on native grasslands and lamb in the spring when conditions are best for success. When using Merino wool of a different origin, Malabrigo ensures it is also mulesing-free.

As part of the company’s efforts to strive for sustainability and quality in all aspects of its business it has become the proud owner of a flock of Merino and Corriedale sheep, who live on a ranch near Montevideo. Taking this step means they have a direct hand in wool production from the very first step, and ensure the humane, high-quality care of its “happy little sheep”.