Sublime knitting patterns

Looking for inspiration to knit a self-colored and textured garment? Then browse our Sublime - by name and by nature! – pattern collection for women and baby patterns, be it cozy sweaters, casual cardigans, or summer tops.

This collection has something for all knitting skill levels and uses a wide range of natural-fiber-based yarns and weights.

If you need to find a substitute yarn feel free to contact us for friendly help and advice.

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Items 1 to 12 of 75 total


How to find a substitute yarn

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding a knitting pattern only to discover the specified yarn has been discontinued. But don’t despair, as we’re confident you can find a great alternative from our range of natural-fiber-based yarns using these top tips.

Find out the original yarn's

  • fiber content - is it wool, alpaca, cotton, a silk blend?
  • weight - is it fingering, sport, worsted, for example?
  • gauge specs; that is, how many stitches and rows are needed to make a 4in square?

Compare these details with prospective alternative yarns - the substitute yarn must have the same (or very similar) specs as those of the original yarn.

Once you have chosen your substitute yarn you will then need to work out how many balls or skeins to buy to complete the project. To do this, find out the total yardage (yards per ball x number of balls required) of the original yarn required to make the garment in your chosen size. Then divide this number by the yardage (per ball/skein) of the alternative yarn to give you the number of balls you'll need to complete your project.

Simply buying the same number of balls of the substitute yarn as that specified for the original yarn without checking the yardage could leave you short ... and then you may run into dye lot problems!