Regia Wool

If you’re crafting socks, Regia wool is definitely the go-to brand. Regia is famed for sock yarns, producing a variety of mixes from 2 ply to 6 ply.

Use the Fadig range to darn and reinforce parts of socks, or the distinctively colourful Extra Twist Merino for long-lasting garments and baby knits. These soft and smooth yarns are designed to stand the test of time.

Our collection includes solid colours and self-striping/patterning yarns in a variety of gorgeous tones. You can always rely on this brand for beautiful and durable yarns to suit every taste and style.

We also supply Regia knitting patterns for every ability level.

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Items 1 to 24 of 26 total

Regia for socks, hats and more

You won’t be disappointed with the excellent quality of the yarns from Regia. They withstand everyday wear and tear, retain their shape and are very easy to knit up.

You’ll be glad to know that these are machine washable as well as hard wearing, giving you great value for money. They’re not only suitable for socks either; you can make a plenty of different garments using these yarns.

They’re especially great for creating baby knits and hats, so you’ll never be stuck for project ideas. We have a huge collection of free knitting patterns for you to browse if you’re undecided on your next project.

See our range of Regia yarn.