The Story of Laughing Hens

The story of Laughing Hens begins with a knitting group run by designer Nicki Trench on her Suffolk based farm where chickens roamed. The group desperately yearned for somewhere that they could find high quality natural fibers, and taking the initiative, Nicki set to solving this quandary through the creation of her own company. When it came to naming the company, the tapping of knitting needles and chatter of the group was likened to the noise of the hens merrily ‘laughing’ away, as so the name Laughing Hens was born.


Three Generations in Natural Fibers

 Laughing Hens is now run by father and son, John and Peter, based in Cheshire and is still committed to providing high quality natural fiber yarns to knitters and crocheters. With a background in natural fibers going back three generations and rooted in wool merchantry, in Laughing Hens we pride ourselves on not only being retailer of natural fiber yarn but providing a source of pattern inspiration.


 A Source of Pattern Inspiration 

We aim to do this by showing every pattern inside each book (not just the front cover) so you can browse the contents of a book before buying. In addition, we show all the materials required to make those patterns in every size together with quick and easy buying options making it easy for customers to find and buy the materials they need for their project.

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