Lana Grossa Yarn and Wool

Lana Grossa Yarn and Wool

What kind of yarn-a-holic are you?

Do you knit, crochet, felt or weave? These wonderful hand-crafts offer something for every personal taste and skill level. And so do Lana Grossa yarns!

Are you looking for relaxation, or a rewarding end product? Lana Grossa yarns have got you covered.

Do you prefer to create small, instantly gratifying projects or epic afghans? Covered.

Like working with sustainable fibers? Knitting baby clothes and accessories for the littlest people in your life? Crocheting pretty shawls? Covered, covered and covered again.

No matter what your personal preferences are, Lana Grossa have a yarn to suit every style, taste, budget and skill level.

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LANA GROSSA: Trendsetters, industry leaders, all-round superstars!

Founded in 1972 and growing from strength to strength since, Lana Grossa are a market leading supplier of top quality, high fashion hand knitting yarns and wool. Exclusively manufactured in Italy’s leading spinning mills, their inspiring yarn collections bring together Italian flair and creative designs so that you can knit, crochet, felt and weave to your heart's content.

Lana Grossa yarns and wool have been super popular for many years in North-Western Mainland Europe from Switzerland, through Germany to Denmark and around... so we decided it was about time to add a carefully curated selection of their wonderful yarns to our luxury natural fiber yarn collection here at Laughing Hens. Enjoy!