Hemp Yarn

Whether you're a vegan with an itch to stitch or an eco-friendly crafter looking for a plant-based yarn that requires less heavy processing than some of its counterparts, let hemp yarn answer your call.

Wondering what other advantages this natural fiber has to offer? It's strong and durable, which incidentally makes it particularly apt for bags, is mildew-resistant, AND is non-pilling.

Hemp yarn is frequently blended with cotton and produces a wonderful drape. It also softens with washing giving your garments a lovely feel.

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Alternatives to hemp yarn

As well as hemp, we at Laughing Hens HQ have sourced additional vegan and plant-based yarns to suit your knitting and crochet projects. These yarns include at least 50% high-quality cotton, linen, eucalyptus (lyocell) and bamboo.