Yarn labels can be confusing and their information therefore overlooked. Does yarn weight, yardage, gauge, dye lot even matter? The potential repercussions of ignoring this label info can be unwelcome, especially when you have put so much time and love into your project. 

All of the aforementioned yarn specs are important when substituting yarn for a project, but sometimes it can be tricky to find all that information on the label. Further confusing the situation are the differing systems used around the world; for example, yarn weight, plies, and needle/hook sizes. 

So, allow us to remove the mysteries lurking in yarn labels with this video tutorial (with subtitles), in which we talk about all of those things and then some.



How to read a yarn label

Level: Beginner

Has this helped? Do you now feel better informed? We certainly hope so! 
Lacking a label?
What do you do if you chance upon some mystery yarn in your stash that doesn't have or has lost its label? No problem; check out our blog post and easy tutorial. Click here to learn how to figure out yarn weight.
New and lost?
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