Knitting Needles

Shopping for knitting needles is easy with Laughing Hens. We can help you find the right size with our knitting needle size conversion chart and when it comes to top brands, you will find plenty to choose from. Popular knitting needle brands we supply include Pony, Addi, Art Viva, and Brittany which will be ideal for all your knitting projects. 

As well as choosing the right size and brand of knitting needles, you may also require knitting needles made from particular materials. We also have that covered with knitting needles made from a range of materials including wood, bamboo, metal and plastic. So whether you knit laceweight, or chunky we have the right knitting needles for you. 

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Items 1 to 12 of 20 total

Knitting needles 

Knitting needles have a long shaft and taper at their end. The long shaft holds the active stitches of the fabric, to prevent them from unraveling, whereas the tapered ends are used to form new stitches. The size is described first by its diameter and secondly by its length. Double pointed and Circular needles work on the same basis. 

The size of the new stitch is determined in large part by the diameter of the knitting needle used. All patterns work to a given number of stitches and rows per 10cm and by changing the diameter of the needle the required number of stitches/rows are achieved

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a crafty friend, Laughing Hens has everything you need: 

New to knitting or looking for inspiration? Check out our range of knitting kits to make amazing designs with easy to follow instructions.