Orange Wool

If you’re after some gorgeous Orange wool, look no further than the collection at Laughing Hens. Orange is a bright colour that comes in countless wonderful shades.

With so many tones on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have everything from tangerine and primrose to bright orange and burnt umber tones. We also provide your favourite brands, including Cascade, James C Brett, Regia and Wendy to name a few. 

Laughing Hens specialises in knitting and crochet supplies, offering a range of quality yarns and fibres. You’ll be able to find your desired yarn weight in our range, whether you need something fine or super-chunky. Choose from plenty of fibres, including cotton, alpaca, acrylic, merino and more.

Items 1 to 24 of 95 total
Items 1 to 24 of 95 total

Create something memorable with Orange wool 

Orange wool can be used for plenty of projects; you’ll never be stuck for ideas! Because of the countless shades, there’s something to suit any occasion and everyone’s desired taste. We have fresh and bright shades for summery projects, as well as those warm darker tones that look so beautiful in autumn and winter. 

Create gloriously white garments such as cardigans, dresses, jumpers, waistcoats and accessories such as gloves, hats, scarfs, mug cosies and blankets. 

Just choose your desired hue and in just a few clicks, it’ll be on its way to you!