Knitting and Crochet Supplies

Welcome to Laughing Hens, your go-to destination for all your knitting and crochet supplies.

Our goal is to inspire our customers to create stunning garments and accessories using exquisite yarns made from natural fibers. To assist you in your creative journey, we provide complete pattern displays, allowing you to browse beyond just the cover.

Additionally, we showcase the required materials and quantities for each pattern in all sizes, ensuring you can easily select the right materials for your project. Our extensive collection includes wools, yarns, patterns, knitting needles, and accessories from both well-known brand names and independent designers. Be sure to take advantage of our special offers and gifts to enhance your knitting and crochet experience.

"At Simply Knitting we're passionate about supporting independent yarn stores, and Laughing hens is one of the best."
Kirstie McLeod, Editor, Simply Knitting

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  • DROPS  Big Merino

    DROPS Big Merino

    Price: $4.90
    DROPS  Alpaca Boucle

    DROPS Alpaca Boucle

    Price: $5.00
  • Opal  Zauberwald 4 Ply

    Opal Zauberwald 4 Ply

    Price: $13.90
    Regia  4 Ply Color 100g Soft Spots

    Regia 4 Ply Color 100g Soft Spots

    Price: $13.30
  • Opal  Schafpate 16 Portrait

    Opal Schafpate 16 Portrait

    Price: $14.70
    Regia  6 Ply Color 150g Sophisticated Color

    Regia 6 Ply Color 150g Sophisticated Color

    Price: $26.20