Urth Yarns Knitting and Crochet Yarns

Using the power and beauty of nature - including its imperfections, which in their own way are a special kind of perfect - Urth Yarns creates outstanding hand-dyed yarns. Knitting and crochet have always been part of its culture and media for artistic aspiration.

Turning the cornucopia of ingredients on offer from our Earth into surprising colors and imperfect beauty is what Urth Yarns does best. For example, Urth Yarns' Harvest line is hand dyed with fruits, nuts and roots, yielding an enduring palette of earthy shades and resulting in a series of products that are both genuine and coherent. 

All Urth Yarns collections are crafted meticulously by the hands of talented women in its Mersin and Istanbul studios. The company also endeavors to employ as many as it can through its sample-making program. In a world of machinery and mass production, the passionate, skillful, and most importantly human touch of these women maintains the authenticity, sincerity, and responsibility for which Urth as a brand stands.

Urth Yarns Yarns

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