Boucle Yarn

If you're looking for a yarn that's a little different and fun to work with then try using Bouclé yarn for your next project. Bouclé, which means 'curled' or 'ringed' in French, has characteristic tight loops with a fleece-like appearance.

In this case, novelty does not mean a sacrifice on quality. It is generally made from natural fibers such as wool or alpaca, which together with the looped texture gives it a heavenly softness that knits up into beautifully cozy sweaters. The yarn also makes for standout accessories such as scarves and mittens. 

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What to do with bouclé yarn

Using bouclé yarn can take a bit of getting used to, regardless of whether you're a knitter or a crocheter. It certainly isn't recommended for the novice as frogging this yarn can be a little tricky.

That said, using this yarn is fun and produces chic and standout pieces that are comfortable to wear. Click here and scroll down the page for patterns using bouclé yarn.

If you're into hand dyeing, try experimenting with our Undyed Alpaloop Lace Bouclé - it dyes up well and is easier than it looks to knit with.