Baby Yarn

What can be more exciting than then the prospect of a new arrival in the family? Create something memorable for your or another's little bundle of joy using exquisite natural-fiber-based yarns, such as merino wool, organic cotton, and bamboo.

Our yarn collection includes ranges specially designed with babies and toddlers in mind - they are supersoft and suitable for machine washing. We stock many preferred brands such as King Cole, Rowan, and Rico Design.

If you're a 'pattern first' kind of person, then find inspiration from our range of baby knitting and crochet patters by using the filters. Alternatively, you can scroll down a specific baby yarn range page see the list of pattern projects using that yarn.



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Items 1 to 12 of 15 total

Washing baby items

Hand knitted or crocheted baby items are by nature small, but you don't want to end up with doll-sized pieces because you've created then using unsuitable yarn. 

So how can you tell whether the new baby garment you intend to make in a certain yarn will shrink in the wash? Quite simply you look for the word 'superwash' on the ball band. This tells you that the fibers have undergone a special process that makes them super smooth and suitable for gentle and cool machine washing.

Remember also, to check your washing machine detergent - biological-based one can ruin wool-based yarns.