How to knit socks

Level: Intermediate

Learn about the anatomy of a knitted sock, yarn suggestions, needle overview, and discussions around different methods behind knitting a sock.

Are you yearning to knit socks, but don't know where to begin? Do sock knitting patterns and pattern descriptions make you feel like you are reading a foreign language? 

Our sock anatomy tutorial will go over all the necessary basics: what kind of yarn to buy, needle options, the anatomy of the sock, and different methods to choose from. 

Still have questions? We've got answers. Read on! 

Looking for the undyed yarn featured in the video to try your hand at dyeing sock yarn? Click here. 

Looking for the dye your own sock yarn tutorial? Click here.

Recommended yarns

There are many yarns that can be used for sock knitting; almost all of them will be a mixture of wool and nylon. Nylon gives the sock stretch and strength; some knitters who find they are hard on socks opt to reinforce the heel and toe with nylon thread. 

Regia 4-ply

This yarn is a sock knitter's favourite, with a blend of virgin wool and nylon for a soft and strong sock. It's also available in a wide range of shades! 

Sock knitting yarn

Here are some free beginner patterns that feature this yarn: 

Free sock knitting pattern


This free sock knitting pattern features a light cable over the top, and a chart that allows customisable sizing within the pattern. These are knit cuff down, with a grafted toe. Get the free pattern here.

Free sock knitting pattern

These socks are also knitted cuff down, with a lace panel over the top for a lovely lacy sock. One ball makes a full size pair of socks, with a small amount left over for swatching. Get the free pattern here. 

Anatomy of a sock: sock knitting for beginners