Striving To Be Green

Laughing Hens deliberately set out to sell natural fibre yarns over man made fibres. This is why, with very few exceptions, none of our yarns have over 50% man-made fibres. This was partly because we believe the amazing properties and characteristics of natural fibres make wonderful yarns which we wanted to support and promote. But also because natural fibres are environmentally sustainable.

However, as research gives us more insights about our ecosystems and how man-made materials affect them, we want to reduce our carbon footprint further. We know that as a small business, we can not change the world but its important to us that we minimise and reduce our impact on climate change where we can.

We know plastic packaging is clogging up our rivers and oceans to the detriment of marine and sea life so we are now in the process of switching to fully biodegradable mailing bags, and you will see slightly different packaging very soon. The new mail bags not just degrade, but over time the plastic polymer molecules breakdown and can be digested by bacteria making them completely bio-degradable. 

We aren’t perfect: there are always areas for us to improve. As a business it’s not always easy or quick to make big changes, but we have a renewed commitment to ensure a healthier planet and a greener future for the next generations of knitters and crocheters.