Noro Yarn

Noro – The World of Nature.

Noro yarns are loved all over the world for their celebration of nature, distinctive self-striping patterns in a myriad of colors, earth-friendly ethos and use of quality certified organic raw materials.

All Noro yarns are unique, right down to each individual ball or skein, and yet are all-inclusive – there is a Noro yarn for every creative personality that finds beauty in nature and wants to harness it in their crafts!

The pattern support is just as thoughtful and reminiscent of the natural world as the yarns, with garments and accessories designed to highlight the interesting textures and exquisite coloring of each yarn used. From cozy cabled sweaters to drapy, easy fitting tops, and from versatile shawls to bohemian homewares, there are many exciting projects to get your creative juices flowing!  

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