Araucania Wool

Launched in 2007, the Araucania brand is based on ancient craftsmanship and their goal is to promote traditional South American crafts all over the world. Browse our quality collection of Araucania wool

This distinctive wool is hand dyed in Chile, echoing the traditions created by South American people in ancient times. Many designers have worked with and endorsed Araucania, including Jenny Watson, Jane Ellison, Cornelia Hamilton and Jean Moss. Why not try out one of these Araucania knitting patterns for your next project? 

Find the perfect wool for your desired project, and choose from a range of yarn weights and fibres, including merino and nylon. There are plenty of rich colours available, so you’ll be able to find a beautiful shade to suit your needs.

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Unique Araucania Wool 

Araucania wool is popular due to its blended tones and luxurious softness. It’s renowned for its gorgeous colour palettes, and the opportunities for creation are virtually endless. 

Create contemporary, stylish garments like jumpers and cardigans even cosy accessories like socks and hats. Make a memorable design for women, men, children and babies, or craft accessories for your home. 

Our collection includes several ranges of Araucania wool, including Botany Lace, Maipo and Ranco Solid. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a knitting expert yet, because these yarns are suitable for any ability. Our blog has tons of useful tips for learning to knit. You’ll be a pro in no time! 

You can also check out our Araucania yarn.