Christmas Countdown: when should I start my holiday gift list?


It may be early November, but time waits for no crafter! Check out our craft calendar to figure out when you should start your holiday projects. 

While many people are bemoaning the "Christmas Creep," many knitters and crocheters have already been planning their holiday projects for months already. Not sure how much you can fit in before the clock hits zero? Check out our holiday craft calendar guide for some help and tips. 

 When should you start your Christmas crafting? We can help!

Early November 

If you haven't already started your big projects, you better get your needles and hooks in gear! Big projects are adult sized sweaters and blankets with anything below an aran weight yarn. Even starting now, you'll need to focus most of your energy on these projects and not commit yourself to too much else (unless you're Hazel Tindall, world speed knitting champion!)

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our huge range of jumper knitting patterns for the whole family!

Mid November 

Now's the time to think about medium projects, like sweaters and cardigans for kids and babies, chunky crochet throw blankets, and socks (if you plan on making more than one pair). It's easy to think "Wow, I still have over a month, that's loads of time!" Don't fool yourself into taking on too many projects and feeling overwhelmed and panicked: try to keep a reasonable goal in mind. (Psst: a reasonable goal is usually one that doesn't include late night panic-crafting!)

Christmas crafting calendar on Laughing Hens

Early December

You still have time for some single sets of socks, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and super chunky projects. Make sure you're only crafting for those who really deserve it and appreciate all the love and effort that goes into making them something personal and unique! 

Mid December

Don't panic - there's still time! Break out your favorite chunky and super chunky yarns (Rowan Big Wool, anyone?) and get knitting and crocheting. Now's the time for super last minute projects, like quick wristies, chunky hats, or lightning speed crochet cowls. 

What's the secret to a successful holiday crafting calendar?

It's making a list before you cast anything on. List everyone you want to make something for and what you might want to make for them. Then take a hard look at your list and decide what's actually realistic. You probably can't make all of your loved ones blankets for Christmas (unless you mean next Christmas), but you might be able to handle squishy scarves, hats, or gloves. Remember, it's supposed to be a fun season for you too, so don't drive yourself to exhaustion with unreasonable goals. 

Happy crafting, and don't forget to show us your makes on Instagram! 

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