Free knitting patterns for charity


It's a good time to kickstart your charity knitting if you're home right now, so here's some of our favourite FREE knitting patterns for charity! 

Right now, lots of knitters are looking for ways they can use their talents for the greater good. We recommend checking with your local community charities, to see what they need right now, and what they will need in six months or so. Make sure you're sending your hard-knitted items to a charity that really needs them! 

Free hat knitting patterns for charity

Free charity knitting patterns

This cute adult sized hat pattern features a fun zigzag pattern that's a great choice for knitters learning colourwork. It features Manos Bocados mini skeins paired with Manos Alegria GrandeClick here to download the free pattern! 


Knitting patterns for charity

Click here to get the pattern for this children's sized hat and scarf pattern, a free offering featuring Drops Air yarn, a light and fluffy fibre with a lovely stitch definition that really pops with cables like these. 


Free hat knitting patterns for charity

Also featuring Drops Air yarn, this pattern is the bees knees for brand new knitters hoping to use their newfound hobby to help others in need. Experienced knitters will be able to crank these out without any problems, one hat right after another. Click here for the free hat knitting pattern!


Free hat and mitts knitting patterns for charity

Click here for the free pattern that includes this hat and the matching mitts. Many charities report that they need hats AND mitts or gloves for winter, so this free pattern is a good choice. It uses  Cascade 128 Superwash yarn, which is machine washable and available in a wide range of shades. 

 Free sock knitting patterns for charity

Free sock knitting patterns for charity


This free cabled sock knitting patternn is soft, strong, snuggly, and features Regia Premium Bamboo yarn, which has a natural anti-microbial property thanks to the bamboo. Click here for the free pattern!


Free sock knitting patterns for charity

Click here for the free children's socks knitting pattern featuring Regia Design Line yarn! Little ones need socks too, and this pattern is made for school-aged kids. The yarn was designed specially to knit up with these self-patterning styles when making a kids' sized sock.


Free toy knitting patterns for charity

Free teddy bear knitting patterns for charity


 Regia 4-ply yarn is machine washable, perfect for knitting a cute teddy bear for a charity. It knits up with bright, fun colours that self-pattern as you knit with them. Click here for the free teddy bear knitting pattern!


Free mini teddy bear knitting pattern for charity

Click here for the free mini teddy bear knitting pattern amde with Cascade 220 sock yarn! It's machine washable and pocket sized, as well as being a quick and easy knit that's not too fiddly for a toy. 


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FREE charity knitting patterns: hats, scarves, socks, and toys!