The new way to knit in the round


If your hands hurt while knitting, the new Addi Novel knitting needles are the perfect medicine! 

Many knitters go years searching for the perfect knitting needles that suit them. Some prefer circulars, some single pointed, some prefer wood, bamboo, or metal. Well, we think these new Addi Novel needles have something for everyone. 

The award-winning AddiCraSyTrio needles have taken the knitting world by storm with their innovation! Rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to knit in the round, knitters everywhere are picking up these three needle sets and swearing off double pointed needles and the magic loop method for good.


AddiCraSyTrio metal knitting needles

The aluminum tipped AddiCraSyTrio needles come in two different tip lengths. The 26cm long needles, measured tip to tip, are available in sizes 4mm to 8mm. With a lace tip on one side and basic tips on the other, these needles are perfect for large hands and larger diameter projects knitted in the round.


The shorter needle tips, 21cm in length from tip to tip, also have one lace and one basic tip, and are available in no fewer than 11 sizes from 2mm to 5mm. We love these for small circumference projects like socks (knitted toe up or cuff down) and sleeves. 


Metal DPNs

With three needles in every set,  AddiCraSyTrio needles are simple to use. You simply arrange half the stitches on one needle, half on a second needle, and you knit around with the third. 
The flexible cord that joins the needle tips allows for easier knitting in the round, without the rigidity of DPNs that can be fiddly to knit with or cause laddering in your project.
Bamboo CraSyTrio needles
Love knitting with bamboo? Opt for the the AddiCraSyTrio needles with bamboo tips! Bamboo is great for beginners and for those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel thanks to the gentle grip of the material. The longer length version is great for knitting larger projects in the round.
Measuring 24cm tip to tip, the shorter needles are great for socks and sleeves. The bamboo material keeps your stitches from flying off the needles! Available in 11 sizes from 2mm up to 5mm.
Addi Novel CraSyTrio needles
After a flood of customer requests, you can now get the super popular AddiCraSyTrio sets with the unique Addi Novel design and in a longer length!
With two longer lace tips, they're ideal for delicate work and larger hands. Their square rounded edges and textured surface make them easy on the hands and shoulders too!
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