Swatch Project: Cotton Blend Yarns


We've recently started a new project which involves swatching with different yarns to learn more about them. Right now we are focused on cotton blend yarns as the weather gets warmer and wool might not be your preferred fiber to work with.

Patons Merino Extrafine Cotton DK is a great yarn to work with. It's a 50% cotton 50% wool blend and is soft, smooth, and pleasure to knit with. It went through the washer on 30C and the dryer on warm and came out just fine. I really think this would a great yarn for baby and child items. I loved it so much in fact that I bought a sweater quantity and cast on Greyson for my son.


I also swatched with Noro Kibou. This is a 54% Cotton 34% Wool 12% Silk blend and was again fantastic to knit and crochet with. 


It washed well (hand wash only this time and laid flat to dry.) I could really see this making a fantastic crocheted blanket or a very nice cowl. 


What yarns would you like to see us swatch with? Leave us a comment over on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!