Take the frog or finish challenge


Is one of your new year's resolutions to clear out your stash? Take the frog or finish challenge with us and start the new year off right!

What is the frog or finish challenge?

Sometimes, knitting and crochet groups and communities decide that it's time for a clear out of the stash and all your WiPs (works in progress). While this can take place at any time of year, we think it's particularly important as a new year begins. If one of your new year's resolutions is to get your stash and your unfinished objects in order, then this challenge is for you. 

Throughout the month of January, we're giving you a challenge: either finish or frog (rip out) all of your unfinished projects. While some crafters will have exceptions to the rule, like long term "anchor projects," this challenge can be helpful in finally saying goodbye to patterns you started years ago and never finished. Think of it this way: you'll free up a lot of yarn, or finish a lot of projects. 

Take the Frog or Finish challenge with Laughing Hens

What do I have to do? 

We've organized this process into a few steps: each step will be a different journey for each knitter or crocheter based on their stash and their attachment to unfinished objects. 

Take the frog or finish challenge with Laughing Hens

Step one: sort

You'll want to free up an afternoon for this (or more if you have a big stash of WiPs)! Pull everything out of their various hiding places (under the cupboard, in the junk drawer, between the couch cushions), and sort them into three piles. Definitely finish, definitely frog, and not sure yet. 

We know you might agonize over that third pile: it's okay. This is an exercise to get you to let go of things, not to force hard decisions. But we want you to really think about that third pile: will you really ever get around to finishing it?

Step two: frog

This comes before "finish" because we don't want you to lose your nerve and quietly shove it back in its hiding place. You decided, now rip it out and reball the yarn while you watch some television. Or, if you hate to frog things, ask a loved one to help you out. 

Step three: FINISH!

Now's the time to get stuck into those long abandoned projects. Most knitters and crocheters set a goal of a month to finish things but if you have a lot of projects or several large projects then you may want to take that into account. 

That's all there is to it! So will you be taking the Frog or Finish challenge?

Take the frog or finish challenge with Laughing Hens