Learning to Knit Lace


Today we share a round up of some great blog posts talking about how to knit lace. Lace knitting produces some beautiful items but can be a bit tricky to work. So we've had a look around and found some great blog articles to help you get started!

1. How to Knit Lace – an introduction to lace knitting

This article from Tin Can Knits gives a really great introduction to the basics of lace knitting and has some beautiful patterns for inspiration.

2. Beginner Tips: Lace Knitting 101

Another great post on lace knitting from Sarah over at Crafts from the Cwtch. Sarah offers her best 5 tips from when she was just diving into the world of lace knitting.

3. Tutorial: Lace Charts 1 – The Anatomy of a Lace Chart

This is the first in a series of fantastic tutorials from Karie Westernmann. Definitely worth checking out if you struggle with understanding charts.