2.75mm Knitting Needles

2.75mm knitting needles are great for projects requiring 3 ply or 4 ply yarns as they help to achieve intricate patterns. Our collection includes popular brands like Addi, Brittany and Pony.

Choose between various needle lengths from 15cm all the way up to 150cm to suit your preferences. We provide wood, metal and plastic needles so you can select whichever material works best for you. There are also single pointed, double pointed and circular types available for whole range of knitting projects.

If you’re not sure what the different sizes mean, see our yarn conversion chart for more information. Choose needles for your future projects and get fast delivery from Laughing Hens!

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Items 21

Knitting needles for every project

Typically, 2.75mm needles are used for finer yarns to create intricate patterns, but you should always check the recommendations for your individual project. Thinner needles can also come in handy when trying to achieve looser and more open effects in your patterns.

No matter where you are in your knitting career, you’ll find a pattern to suit you in our huge library. See our free knitting patterns to put your needles to good use, or check out these 3 ply patterns and 4 ply designs.

We’re the go-to online store for all your knitting and crochet needs, so whatever you require for your crafting endeavours, you can trust Laughing Hens to provide excellent products.