Noro Wool

Noro wool is designed by the internationally renowned Eisaku Noro. The much-loved label is famous for its use of diverse raw materials, delicate hand-spinning methods and myriad of dazzling colours. 

Noro wool comes in an eclectic range of different weights and thicknesses to suit your fancy, from cuddly chunky wool to lighter DK varieties. The fibres are partially hand-spun and agricultural chemicals aren’t used so the material can retain its natural softness.

No two wools by Noro are the same, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the robust colours and subtle shades. Each collection includes an array of high quality fibres, such as mohair, silk, cotton and much more. The combinations of fibres enable your work to have various textures, giving projects a distinct look.

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Items 21

Noro wool for jumpers, shawls and blankets 

Are you knitting a cosy winter jumper to brighten up those rainy days? Or something bright and summery to make you stand out? Noro is perfect for artistic souls who find beauty in nature and want to harness it in their work. 

Each ball of Noro wool is crafted with care and there are endless possibilities for creation. From shawls and blankets to drapes and sweaters, you’ll never be short of ideas. Also check out our Noro yarn.