Noro Wool

Noro – The World of Nature.

Noro wools are the brain-child of Eisaku Noro and are loved all over the world for their celebration of nature, distinctive self-striping patterns in a myriad of colors, earth-friendly ethos and use of quality certified organic raw materials.

Thick or thin, bold or subtle, single or plied, pure or blended, coarse or extra-fine: all Noro wools are unique, right down to each individual ball or skein, and yet are all-inclusive – there is a Noro yarn for every creative personality that finds beauty in nature and wants to harness it in their crafts!

Classic Noro wools Silk Garden and Kureyon are a must-try for any Noro Newbie, whilst exciting additions Bachi and Kanzashi are perfect for Noro fans looking for a new textural experience.

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Items 1 to 12 of 24 total

A Visceral Connection to the Natural World 

By using quality natural fibers that are sourced from certified organic farms, combined with minimal mechanical processing, mindful dyeing and abstaining from the use of harsh chemical treatments, Eisaku ensures that Noro wools retain the unique properties of natural fibers whilst paying homage to the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world.

Unevenness in the texture of any Noro wool is a deliberate choice designed to make knitters feel closer to nature. This willingness to embrace imperfections is a hall-mark of Noro wool and rings true with Japanese cultural philosophy.