3 ply knitting patterns

3 Ply knitting patterns are just perfect for soft and delicate garments that have a little extra weight compared with lace patterns. Due to its finesse, 3 ply wool, sometimes known as fingering yarn, is a popular choice for baby garments so you can make something special for someone special. 

We have a whole range of different types of garments for you to make, including socks, shawls and cardies, and from all your favourite authors. The best part is that you can look inside to see what materials you need and then make sure you collect them together with our no-fuss buying process. Simply click on your favourite pattern below and see for yourself.

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Items 10

3 Ply Patterns and Knits 

Patterns using 3 ply or fingering yarn are ideal for beginners as it manages tension well. Equally, more confident knitters are able to benefit from the versatility of the yarn in order to create all the more complex designs and patterns. 

Here you’ll find 3 ply patterns for every occasion and all the ingredients to make them. If you’re looking for something specifically for a baby, don’t miss out on our selection of baby knitting patterns. We make it our aim to have everything you need to knit and crochet, from start to finish. Plus with our fast and friendly service, we are THE online knitting shop.