Knitting needle Brands

Laughing Hens stock several brands of knitting needles, all of which have been carefully chosen because of their quality. 

Addi knitting needles

Addi knitting needles have been popular for many years, and they’ve even been described as “luxury for your hands”. They're great because they’re made by knitters, for knitters. These needles are designed with you and your needs in mind, which is why they’re such a pleasure to knit with. We have several needles and hooks from their collection, including circular, single-pointed and double-pointed needles in a variety of sizes.

We supply needles in a range of materials such as bamboo, wood, metal and plastic so you can find the ones that are comfortable for you.

Select the needles of your choice and get going on your latest project. Don’t have any ideas yet? We have thousands of patterns including gloves knitting patterns, patterns for babies and tea cosy patterns!

Art Viva knitting needles

Art Viva offers a range of hand crafted knitting needles. All needles are made one at a time from Tasmanian oak that is sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation timbers. Art Viva needles are finished to an extremely high standard and are gorgeously soft due to the natural, organic oils that are used to add detail to these needles. Each needle has been made with care, the tops of which have all been hand painted in a variety of colours, as well as their trademark white or black polka dots.

Brittany knitting needles

Brittany Knitting Needles are made in California to an extremely high standard. They are made using top quality Birch that has been sustainably harvested,  giving these needles amazing warmth and smoothness of hardwood, making them a good choice for sensitive hands and fingers and an all round pleasure to work with. All Brittany needles are beautifully hand finished, exactly sized. 

Pony Knitting Needles

Pony knitting needles are used by knitting enthusiasts throughout the world. India-based manufacturer Pony has been providing affordable needles for knitting, crochet and sewing enthusiasts for over 50 years. They have many quality needles to suit your desired project. 

Browse our collection and choose from knitting, crochet and sewing needles. We stock circular, single and double point varieties to suit a multitude of projects. There are also different materials including bamboo, metal and plastic depending on your project and personal preferences. 

Beginners who are struggling to get to grips with the different needle sizes, see our handy needle size chart!