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Lattice Socks

Lattice Socks
Regia R0239 Lattice Socks PDF Download: Free
Calf-Length Socks Created Using Garter Stitch Strips Woven With Garter Stitch Bands
To Fit Sizes From Child to Adult
Yarn weight Sport
Skill level
Yarns and Wools Regia 4 Ply 50g
Regia 4 Ply Color 50gm
Needles Brittany Birch 13cm (5in) Double Pointed Knitting Needles 2.25mm, Pony Wool Sewing Needles Wool Sewing Needles Aluminium, Pony Stitch Holder Stitch Holder Small 8.5cm, Pony Stitch Marker 24 Split Ring Markers in 4 Colours and 2 Sizes