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Block Colour Jumper

Block Colour Jumper
Lana Grossa - Filati Infanti 11 Design 40 - Cool Wool Pullover PDF Download: $5.67
Lana Grossa is no slouch when it comes to being on trend as this jumper demonstrates. The four block colour design is created by allocating one shade to each garment section. This example uses chalky shades; we suggest using shades 2011, 2037, 2028 and 0411 instead ... or whatever you prefer.
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Yarns and Wools Lana Grossa Cool Wool
Needles addi Basic Fixed Circular Knitting Needles 40cm (16in) 3.50mm, addi Aluminium Single Pointed Knitting Needles 35cm (14in) 3.50mm, addi Aluminium Double Pointed Knitting Needles 20/23cm (8/9in) 3.50mm