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Relax Knit Through It Sweater

Relax Knit Through It Sweater
Wool and the Gang Relax Knit Through It Sweater Price: $8.10

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Designed to help you knit your way to inner zen, this self-striping jumper from Wool and the Gang will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and mind-health. The rhythmic and repetitive nature the stocking stitch is calming, comforting and contemplative. Knit this dropped shoulder, cropped length jumper with funnel neckline up in Feeling Good Yarn, a lightweight alpaca blend yarn with brushed texture.
The stripes shown in the picture have been created using a self-striping colour of Feeling Good Yarn. Please note that the jumper will only be stripy if you choose one of the stripy yarns, and that the other colours will make a plain sweater.
Yarn weight Worsted
Skill level Beginner
Yarns and Wools Wool and the Gang Feeling Good Yarn
Needles Brittany Birch 35cm (14in) Single Pointed Knitting Needles 6.5mm